About Metro Self-Storage

Over 33 Years of Self-Storage Excellence

Metro Self-Storage opened in Halifax in 1989. Thanks to our long-term success helping residential and commercial clients, we continue to grow–and currently have 13 state-of-the-art storage rental facilities across Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Self-storage lends to comfortable living, clear thinking and empowered businesses. You can count on our best-in-class storage facility expertise to help you enjoy your space to the fullest.

The Finest Rental Storage Facilities in Atlantic Canada

We continue to raise the industry standard we set in 1989 and strive to offer you more benefits than any other storage company.

  • Complimentary insurance up to $5,000

  • No hidden fees + Free Lock

  • Real-time, 24/7 rentals and unit access

  • Highly secure, gates and monitored facility

  • Deliveries accepted to your unit

  • Heated and climate-controlled units

  • Earn AIR MILES® reward miles

Some Features of Our Facilities

Anytime Access

You can access your storage–unit at any time–even on weekends and holidays, thanks to our secure digital gate system.

Gated & Video Monitored Facility

Rest assured knowing our highly secure, gated facilities are under video surveillance 24 hours a day.

Drive-Through Loading Bays

Say goodbye to inclement weather when loading/unloading your belongings! Many of our facilities feature state-of-the-art unloading bays!

Online Account Management

We make renting self-storage units easier than ever. We’re one of the few storage and moving facilities with real-time, 24/7 leasing–as not everyone works 9-5. You can sign a contract from anywhere online and show up at any time!

Heated & Climate Controlled Units

Our highly secure, climate-controlled self-storage units are ideal for storing sensitive goods–thanks to humidity and temperature control. Goods that may require climate control include artworks, antiques, electronics and wine.

Complimentary Insurance

We’re one of the very few storage unit organizations to offer complimentary $5,000 storage unit rental insurance. Keep calm knowing your belongings are covered incase of unlikely events such as fire, smoke damage, theft or vandalism.

Interior Access Unit

Interior access units are large, closet-like spaces that keep your valuables safe, secure and far away from the elements. Visit our storage unit size guide for help determining a solution that fits your needs.

Deliveries Accepted to your Unit

Never again will you experience the headache of picking up a delivery.

Are you a business owner? By shipping directly to your storage space, you can effortlessly purchase items and routinely schedule inventory shipments for later use.

Self-Storage Solutions For Every Occurence

Home & Commercial Renovations

Renovating your home or office can take many weeks or months–and oftentimes, contractors run behind schedule and infrastructure and utility faults result in delays. Moving your belongings to a storage facility ensures your belongings are safe and spaces remain unobstructed.

Seasonal Goods

Keeping ornaments, seasonal garments, outdoor equipment and patio furniture within your property results in unnecessary clutter. Our secure self-storage allows you to rotate seasonal goods and keep your space organized and unobstructed.

Drastic Changes

Dire events such as divorce, natural disasters or illness often result in forced moves. Keeping belongings in a rental storage locker can ease your burden through times of panic.


Moving is often voted as the most stressful life event. Luckily, self-storage can alleviate the numerous challenges of moving homes. Whether you’re going abroad, transitioning homes or downsizing, we have everything from rental storage lockers to larger self-storage units of many sizes.

Additionally, storing your belongings in a storage rental unit during a move allows you to properly stage your home–which can increase its market value by up to 20%. 


Keeping your belongings in home storage units helps you downsize or prevent moving to a larger home or office–and keep better track of essential belongings.

If you live in a small apartment or condominium, you know how limited space is. Renting a storage locker can help you make full use of your room.

Business Storage

Small and medium-sized businesses often use storage units to store files, equipment, additional inventory and materials. Additionally, E-commerce and start-ups continue to surge through the pandemic, and business rental storage helps new entrepreneurs keep their limited home space clear.

Get Ready to Make the Move!

Our 13 locations across Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are built on top-notch customer service and unmatched self-storage expertise. Ready to book? Our real-time registration and 24-hour access allow you to move in anytime!